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Bavdhan Community FAQ

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You can share at local events happening in your neighborhood, share accolades, some social videos, etc. So by sharing knowledgeable & beneficial things you can contribute. At you can also post jobs available.

Bavdhan Residents can share their Praise and Accolades to the residents who serve and bring Pride to our Community.
Our goal is to continually Appreciate our residents who have done us proud in their field of work, sports, social cause, achievements, and more. Kindly submit and share with us such appreciations. We all need to know the inspiration elements of these people so more Accolades can flow in.

Here is the link to share your accolades 

Bavdhan residents who are serving society at large selflessly are worth praise.
Highlighting such Personalities will encourage our youngsters to look at them as role models. 
Kindly share such personalities from the Bavdhan neighborhood with us. 
Here is the link to share local personality

We believe in providing Bavdhan Residents a platform where you can share neighborhood events, activities, stories, appreciations, voice concerns, etc. 
This makes it a great source of local community knowledge over time. We love to call as a Community Commerce platform, where you can get everything served on one plate.
Feel free to share Accolades, praise Local personalities, share local events, post about a Wiz Kid in town, etc. 
It is the best way to raise your profile by sharing and caring about Bavdhan Community.