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We bring our strong SEO experience to your advantage & build advanced websites with Social Media Ready. Content Strategy is critical to WIN search ranking and we marvel at SEO ranking.


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Pune’s Local Marketing Networks

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  • 1st Page presence on Google Search Engine Matters.
  • Rich 4 pages Directory Listing helps consolidated information of your brand/service.
  • Local Social Media Reach on Facebook, Facebook Group, Insta & Twitter is highly
  • Local Events for your brand come in google searches on 1st page.
  • Local Area Residents / Local Community engages with our platform actively –

Bavdhan Local Directories

We offer Rich biz directory, Events engine, Jobs portal, Property guide, Food guide, Ads engine.

Here are some of our services Highly SEO optimised Listing, Mobile responsive, Android or IOS App, Facebook page,  Twitter handle, Instagram account, Facebook group.

How does our Local Directories (eg; add Great Value to Local Business?

Bavdhan social networks

Just coming in Google Search is incomplete for a local business. You need your Biz / Brand to appear on local FB page, FB group, Insta and Twitter.

With our Paid Directory listing, a small business doesn’t worry about coming in google searches. A rich 4 pages Biz Directory Listing covers your Product, Service, 20 images, 2 events per year, 2 discount coupons, 16 social media posts, google 1st page search assurance and more..

Bavdhan Paid Listing Features

Examples of some of our customers appearing on Google Search Results.

Statistics say that 93% of Google Search clicks happen on 1st page of Google Search Result.

Examples of Some of our Local Clients on 1st Page

We have 100% record

We offer following TRULY LOCAL Digital Marketing Services

  • Rich Paid Listing on Local Biz Directories
  • Google My Business Listing tuning
  • New Business Website / Existing Website Google Optimised
  • Facebook Page Creation
  • Facebook Ads for lead generation / Brand Awareness
  • Google Ads for lead generation
  • Video Marketing / Virtual 360Degree
  • Digital Broadcast service
  • Online Local Contests for neighbourhood engagement
  • Advertisement space on our Directories (eg; Ad on Directory home page)
  • Local Online Events Ticketing / Ads / Payment Collection
  • Managing of Social Media channels (outsourced)

Bavdhan Events

What Types of Events Are There?

Budget, Sponsorship, Location and Accessibility: There are many things that event creators need to consider when planning an event. But let’s go back to basics. The first thing is to decide what kind of function you want to keep. So what types of events are there? From virtual and corporate to fundraisers and festivals, here is the breakdown of the most common categories.

Bavdhan Community

Welcome to Bavdhan, Your Neighborhood Community. Empowering Neighborhoods – Facilitating Resident Engagement – Residents Activities Portal – Voice – Share – Care.

Bavdhan is happy to offer you your own community portal

A platform where residents from all walks of life (students, adults, parents, senior citizens and everyone) can use this space to better shape our neighbourhoods.

We are the local community platform to help our near & dear suburbs to share and grow. Individuals can reach their own locality and participate in discussions on topical issues.