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Biz Advertisement are the most traditional yet effective means of big value advertisement proposition. Just that online Ads are far more cheaper yet far more effective when compared with print Ads as online Ads actually allow you to count and track the clicks compared with the ability to measure response to a street banner. There is a major shift happening in Advertising world with more and more businesses going full throttle on Online Advertisement. We bring you some very economical online advertising opportunity for your Biz Ad. They are a sure ROI winner!!

  • Pick your choice of Business Category – your Ad will appear on the right side of that category page.
  • Pick your choice of Location – your Ad will appear on the right  side of that location/area page
  • Your Ad remains static and is there for 1 year.
  • Your Ad can be linked to your website or your facebook page or your Premium Item or Webpage on this website.

Bavdhan Directory FAQ

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Profit is an equation of Cost versus Revenue. At just Rs.3000 per year, you get the opportunity of being on a local search engine, appear in Google search results giving you FREE ORGANIC traffic, being part of Local Directory Android App (coming soon), a listing which is managed by Directory team and tuned to your best interest of capturing Google or Bing search traffic is certainly a LARGE VALUE FOR MONEY.

Marketing as we all know is a multi-pronged approach. Businesses rely on promoting local businesses via Print leaflets, SMS marketing, Email Marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook marketing, and various other social channels. Print is no more seen as a Cost-Effective means of advertising as the Digital mediums of marketing like Paid Listing or Banner Ads brings measurable way to spend your marketing budget. Also, the BIGGEST advantage of Paid Listing is also achieving customer interaction and increasing footfalls in a very cost-effective way.

The intent is that it will bring customers to actual brick-and-mortar businesses that are located near them, meaning that small businesses have the most to profit from being listed. And if your business isn’t listed, there’s a good chance that your competitors is and that customers will go to them instead of you.

National level Directory listing usually is quite costly for small to medium-sized businesses as the annual billing can start anywhere from Rs.10000 and above. The drawback of a national level directory is that the searcher many times cannot find very location specific search results as the results get influenced by businesses listed across multiple areas.

The Biggest Cost to Value benefit of listing your business on is that at just Rs.3000 for 1st year and subsequent renewals at Rs.1000 per year, you get the following 12 Rich Features:

  1. 4 web pages of your Business, Products & Services description. This means, you don’t even need a dedicated website where you will spend large money to make it, then to get it into a search engine, domain renewal annual fees, hosting fees. Instead, just list on Local Directory engines like ours where you get the same value. We also provide online store capability or payment collection facility for just 5% deduction.
  2. Top Banner picture of your Business on your listing page.
  3. Up to 20 pics of your products/services.
  4. Direction Guidance Button for customers to reach your Biz location.
  5. Contact Form for businesses to reach you via email.
  6. URLs / Links of your Website, Facebook, and other social media channels.
  7. Up to 2 Discount Coupon per year (you share us and we load it)
  8. Up to 2 Events per year (you share us and we load it)
  9. Your Biz Listing will appear in Google search engine page searches.
  10. Your Premium Business Listing details will be posted on our Local Facebook pages (eg;, , )
  11. FREE Twitter integration. You keep your LISTING ACTIVE WITH YOUR LIVE TWEETS.
  12. Whatsapp share button (easy for you as a business to share your business offerings to prospects over WhatsApp)

Yes. Businesses listed on Bavdhan Biz Directory, do appear in Google search results when someone searches in Google for specific searches for Bavdhan eg; “candy floss sellers in Bavdhan” which will bring Candy Floss seller listed in

The beauty about versus other national players is that you need to drill down from city to area before you can achieve local results. also offers Free Events for a local community, Paid Events package for Event Organisers, Bavdhan Jobs, FREE Community Postings,  Bavdhan Bazaar, Bavdhan dedicated guides for Property, Healthcare, Education & Financials services.

All of this information can also be found from google based searches. Thus, we do play a sub-set of a search engine function where quality local biz results relating to Bavdhan can be found quickly.

An online local directory is a website that lists local businesses, usually within categories. These directories allow business owners to list their business, get their name in front of the customers, and give customers the information they need to contact the business. It also narrows the World Wide Web down to location-based communities and places and makes local businesses more accessible to the customers that use them.

Thus, Bavdhan Biz Directory offers local businesses & residents a single local platform offering Local Businesses Directory, Local Events, Bavdhan Education Guide, Bavdhan Healthcare Guide, Bavdhan Financial Services Guide, Local Coupons, find Jobs in Bavdhan, local Online Bazaar.

The details provided in an online listing will vary from business to business and from directory to directory. Typical information includes:
-The business name
-Telephone numbers
-Product or service sold
-Street/Area the business serves
-The business offered Products & Services
-Professional associations the business belongs to
-Reviews, comments, and feedback (on some sites)
-Business conducted Events / Jobs requirement